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IKEA Topper Tussöy

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IKEA Topper Tussöy

Sleep Comfort & Health

Suitable for IKEA box spring bed VALLAVIK and IKEA box spring bed MJÖLVIK.
For IKEA box spring bed VALLAVIK and IKEA box spring bed MJÖLVIK this mattress topper is combined with mattress Hesseng made of pocket spring core (firm or medium firm) and offers you optimal sleeping comfort. The elastic fabric on the top perfectly adapts to your body for optimal sleeping comfort.

The core of this mattress topper has viscoelastic or thermoelastic properties. This adapts to the contours of your body like no other material, because visco foam reacts to body heat and pressure – this effect is also known as a memory effect. This IKEA topper Tussöy makes it possible to support your body pressure-free and orthopedically correct.
I can recommend this IKEA topper Tussöy especially for side sleepers, because it can prevent circulatory problems, for example in the shoulder area.

Core & Cover

The core of the IKEA topper Tussöy is made of memory foam.

Topper Tussöy
Topper Tussöy

The cover of this mattress topper is easy to remove and consists of a machine-washable cover that can be washed at a maximum of 60°C in the.
What you should consider when buying this IKEA topper Tussöy:
The core of this mattress topper is made of memory foam and becomes firmer at low temperatures. If you buy this mattress topper with memory foam on a cold day, it must first adapt to the temperatures in your bedroom before it can develop its properties.

Service & Delivery

The IKEA furniture store offers you flexible payment options, so you can buy your box spring bed and topper now and pay it off in small steps. Everything you need to know:

  • This is valid for financing from 1 000.-
  • Terms can be chosen between 12 and 72 months.
  • Incl. transport security of your furniture during your transport to your home.
  • There are no application or processing fees.
  • You need an IKEA FAMILY payment card to apply.

Don’t know how to transport your new IKEA topper Tussöy? – make it easy for yourself and order online and have it delivered to your home and even assembled if you wish. All you need to know:

You choose the date and time and IKEA will deliver your new box spring bed or topper anywhere in Germany.
The delivery costs are calculated according to the value of goods.

IKEA is so convinced of the quality of their products that they offer you excellent guarantees – more info on this topic can be found here.

To the provider

Topper Tussöy
Topper Tussöy

Length: 200 cm

  • Width: 90 cm
  • Thickness: 8 cm

The design of IKEA topper Tussöy is by Synnöve Mork and this topper is available for purchase in different sizes:

  • 90x200cm
  • 140x200cm
  • 160x200cm
  • 180x200cm

This IKEA topper Tussöy is 3 cm thicker than the IKEA topper Tuddal. It is especially suitable for side sleepers and is easy to keep clean due to its removable cover. In addition, this mattress protector is packed rolled and therefore easy to take home.

Data sheet

Feature Description
Lying surface 90 x 200 cm, 140 x 200 cm, 160 x 200 cm, 180 x 200 cm
Height 8 cm
Removable cover yes
Suitable for house dust allergy sufferers yes

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